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The Town Dish

Main Line Media News: Sweet Freedom Bakery Opens June 3 in Bryn Mawr


NBC 10! Show

Free People Blog

May I Have That Recipe?

Just Desserts NYC

Gluten Free Digest

Living Without Magazine: Road Trip - The car, the kids and food allergies

Restarting My Hard Drive

Sugar Loco


Celiac Central

BoHo Magazine: Sweet Tooth

Love, Life and Lollipops


Philly Examiner

Around Main Line

Grub Street

Natural Gourmet Institute's Blog; Blanched & Shocked

The Holistic Chef

Food, Fitness, Fresh Air & Temple News

The Lone Vegan

Trav's Gone Gluten Free

Philadelphia Magazine: Restaurants: If You Can't Take The Wheat

Philadelphia Style

Philadelphia Examiner: Sweet Freedom Bakery opens in Philadelphia

34th Street Magazine: Let Freedom Ring

Philly.com: Gluten Gone



MAC & CHEESE: Sweet Freedom Bakery

ABC News

What to Eat at Sweet Freedom, Opening Today

Gluten Free Philly

Sweet Freedom: Philly's First Vegan and Gluten-, Soy-, Daily-, Refined Sugar-Free Bakery

Recipe For Success: Sweet Freedom Bakery Opens

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